John Lennon's Self-Portrait & Lyrics on Cashmere Sweaters

News & Trends: On the 30th anniversary of John Lennon's death, Mrs. John Lennon announced that she wanted the world to know that her husband was more than a founding member of one of the most influential contemporary bands in musical history, a prolific songwriter, a member of one of the most dynamic songwriting teams, and a celebrated musician. John Lennon also was an accomplished artist. A self-portrait, which Lennon did in 1971, resides at New York's Museum of Modern Art. reported this week that Yoko Ono has teamed up with a personal friend to create a very unique and wearable tribute to her fallen husband. Ms. Ono's friend, Mr. Patrick Lipshitz, is the founder of Paris' Hobbs Cashmere. Lipshitz and Ono have created two styles of cashmere sweaters that honor John Lennon. The first emblazoned cashmere sweater bears the image of Lennon's self-portrait. The second cashmere sweater contains the original hand-written lyrics to "Imagine" on the front.

A limited edition of 100 sweaters total bearing one of the two images will be made by Hobbs Cashmere. The sweaters are available for  €1,100 , which converts to about $1,456. also announced this week that it has access to sweaters in the first delivery.

Hobbs Cashmere ( is where iconic characters go be emblazoned on cashmere sweaters for both men and women. Other icons appearing on cashmere sweaters in exclusive collections by Hobbs include Warner Bros.; cartoon characters Bugs Bunny and Tweety Pie and Hanna and Barbera's Tom Cat of "Tom & Jerry" in its Toon collection. There also is a catchy collection of The Beatles that features nine creative renderings. The unique house of limited-edition cashmere sweaters has four shops in Paris.

James Rothaar

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