Roberto Coin Creates First 100-Facet Diamond

News & Trends: The diamond is, undoubtedly, the most famous and coveted precious stone. It is not only a symbol of value, but of love and beauty. It represents a lifelong promise, an expression of emotion and a messenger of enduring love. The diamond has always been the unchanging representative of beauty; the end-all, be-all of luxury. Be that as it may, jewelry titan Roberto Coin, thought it was time for an upgrade.

Enter Cento: the revolutionary 100-facet diamond cut. This unsurpassed cut contains nearly twice as many facets as the traditional brilliant cut (which has 57 facets) and the result? An unparalleled and exceptional light performance you have never seen in a stone before.

The traditional brilliant cut contains 33 facets on the top and 24 facets on the bottom. But a Cento diamond has 37 facets on the top and an incredible 63 facets on the bottom, allowing the stone to shine with hundreds of reflections of light. This cut is applied to all stones weighing 0.07 carats or more and fall in the clarity range from FL (flawless) to SI (small inclusions, not visible to the naked eye). And of these, Roberto Coin selects only colorless to near colorless diamonds.

The partnership of Roberto Coin's passion and dedication to reinventing jewelry time and time again with the most experienced master cutters, brings to life a new collection made entirely of Cento diamonds; which includes everything from breathtaking engagement rings to gentlemen's cufflinks.

True to his scrupulous, high-quality standard, Roberto Coin has stated his social and ethical commitment by joining the United Nations program to fight against the commerce of diamonds coming from areas of conflict. The program, known as the Kimberly Process, is certified by the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS). All Roberto Coin diamonds are accompanied by a KPCS certificate, which guarantees they come exclusively from "conflict free" areas.

This year, Roberto Coin is looking to add two new spectacular pendant necklaces to the Cento Collection as well as a myriad of other pieces to some of his other existing collections. Until the introduction of a 200-facet diamond, Roberto Coin's Centro is quite literally a cut above the rest.

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