Private Plane Travel Site Takes Flight is a new booking site for private jets, to get you going where you want to go, without the hassle.

The FlyRuby website was developed to make private charter travel more efficient by 27-year-old entrepreneur and visionary, Michael Leek and Dr. Stephen Smith, a scientist at Carnegie Mellon University. FlyRuby gives travelers the ability to book exactly what they want, when they want it, without having to search through a variety of private planes and pilots because FlyRuby has already amassed all the information.

UrbanDaddy describes FlyRuby as "Travelocity for Private Planes," which is an apt description. Rather than having to make your own flight arrangements (i.e., getting your plane and your pilot to go), FlyRuby lets you go with just a few mouse clicks.

The first click is to tell FlyRuby your flight basics: where you're going, where you're coming from and the basic details like when you want to leave and how many guests are traveling. The next click lets you choose the jet that is right for you, based on price and performance. Then you buy your jet and you're good to go - unless you need to change something, then you can do that too.

Once you've made the decisions on where to go and what to fly in, all that remains is getting to the airport; although some private charters are available at your own private airfield.

Now comes the hard part, choosing what to pack: snorkel or skis?

Via UrbanDaddy

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