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Fly Private With Magellan Jets for the Super Bowl and Receive Special Event Access

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Magellan Jets
Photo Courtesy of Magellan Jets
This year the Super Bowl will be held in the famously exhilarating city of New Orleans, and we for one canít think of a better reason to round up your friends and swing over to the Big Easy for a round or two.

If you are already planning to attend the game then donít forget to book your private jet early because the moment it is announced who will be playing in this yearís Super Bowl is the moment the rush begins. With only a limited amount of tickets to the Super Bowl party, you might as well spare yourself some stress and avoid the mad dash for this killer deal.
Magellan Jets

Dedicated to providing their clients with world-class levels of service, this may just be the perfect way to ensure that you have an enjoyable (and safe) weekend. When you fly with Magellan Jets you have the luxury of being able to pick your own arrival and departure times as well as avoid mass crowds by landing at private airports. Plus, you will be skipping those dreadful airport delays that leave you fending for yourself with nothing but an overpriced romance novel and stale trail mix to keep you company.

For what is bound to be a legendary Super Bowl showdown, Magellan Jets is currently offering a special dinner for any customers that book their luxury private jet travel with them for the game weekend. Patrons that travel with Magellan Jets are welcome to attend the exclusive dining experience on Friday, February 1.

With the notorious debauchery that surrounds not only the Super Bowl but also New Orleans, this is truly an offer that you cannot miss.
Magellan Jets

Magellan Jets

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