Arriving in Style: Top Wedding Destinations on a Private Jet

Fort Lauderdale-based private jet provider Monarch Air Group shares the most coveted places to plan a holiday wedding while arriving on a private aircraft.

Charter a jet to your wedding

Weddings are one of the most important moments in a lifetime. That fact transcends culture, race, gender, and age. That unique experience will be remembered throughout your life as one of the highlights, the reason why many couples plan to charter a private jet specifically for this unparalleled event to arrive in style. Quite frankly, for those couples, the celebration starts as soon as they board the aircraft.

Although the demand for wedding-fueled private flights dropped during the pandemic due to social gathering restraints, things are starting to pick up, as reported by Monarch Air Group, and bookings are already in place for warm weather weddings all around the world. Furthermore, early November registered an increase in transatlantic private jet flights, which bodes well for top wedding destinations in Southern Europe.

Monarch Air Group shares details of the top booked wedding destinations on a private jet in 2021, with the Caribbean leading the way thanks to its proximity with the U.S. and year-round great weather.

The Caribbean

Strategically located just a few hours by private jet from South Florida, the Caribbean has a special vibe and serves as the perfect location for a memorable beach wedding. Furthermore, its proximity allows one to choose from a wide array of private aircraft, which helps to keep a controlled budget. Yes, weddings can get expensive! The top locations in the Caribbean are The Bahamas, The U.S. Virgin Islands, Anguilla, and Turks and Caicos. They all have top-notch hotels and private aviation infrastructure to serve all your special needs.

Monarch Air Group

U.S. and Mexico

The U.S. also has great year-long weather in various locations. It is no secret that South Florida is one of the best wedding locations in the world, and it is no surprise it tops Monarch Air Group’s list. Furthermore, it is so well connected from an airport standpoint, that passengers can literally land just a few miles from a certain beach and have an experience of a lifetime. South California is also a coveted place for weddings, with breathtaking sceneries, unique beaches, and a top hospitality industry.

Hawaii also appears on the list, not surprisingly, thanks to its unapparelled beauty and sightseeing. Whether the Big Island, Maui or Honolulu, a private jet can get you there seamlessly. Mexico is also a top choice for soon-to-weds, with various paradise islands waiting for a memorable experience; Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, and the list goes on…


You can’t leave Europe out of a wedding list. Monarch Air Group clients certainly do not. Italy and Spain are their top options when crossing the pond for a proper European-style wedding. And year round, both countries have privileged weather in their southern regions, starting with Spain’s Balearic Islands. Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera; all exclusive and unique for a very special wedding day. Italy’s vibe is a little different, more traditional in a sense, although its landscapes are breathtaking. Then entire Sicily Island has great locations, as well as the world-renowned Amalfi Coast and Sardinia. Private aviation connects al the mentioned locations uniquely, landing in remote airstrips with no commercial connections.

In essence, your wedding day is arguably one of the most important days in your life. Taking it up a notch while arriving on a private jet serves as the perfect highlight in an already memorable moment. Furthermore, its safety, reduced contact points, social distancing in the cabin, the ability to control your schedule and to keep your wedding dress or suit wrinkle-free, is a piece of exclusivity that you deserve.

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