Emirates: The First Class Airline of Dubai

Luxury Airlines: Over the years, Dubai has become a popular destination known to attract those in pursuit of a luxury lifestyle. As such, it only seems fitting that there be an equally lavish airline available to whisk those jetsetters to and from Dubai ― and that's where Emirates comes in.

For the past 25 years, Emirates has been providing unparalleled service to its customers both on the ground and in the sky. As part of the Emirates Group, the airline owns and operates 137 modern aircrafts, with on average, a new plane arriving each month. From its international hub of Dubai, Emirates offers flights to 102 destinations worldwide and has recently introduced daily non-stop service to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

"With the new daily services, Emirates is now better able to meet the demand of West Coast travelers visiting Dubai, as well as those taking advantage of the conveniently located city as a connection hub for travels to other parts of the Gulf Region and beyond," said Nigel Page, Emirates Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations, Africa and the Americas.

Emirates has redefined the concept of first-class travel with its state-of-the-art airport lounges complete with full business facilities, quick and easy check-in upon arrival, and first-class suites unlike any other. Credited as the world's first private First Class Suites, the accommodations aboard the aircraft feature privacy screens, fully reclineable leather massage chairs, a dining table, built-in vanity table with mirror, an overnight amenity kit and even sleeping suits and slippers.

Each of the 14 suites are equipped with an electronically operated door, mini bar, work desk, fold-out mechanical table, a 23-inch LCD screen linked to an in-flight entertainment system, and a touchscreen Wireless Integrated Passenger Seat Controller. The cabin's advanced mood lighting system ― which projects a starlit sky ― is just another one of the many features aboard the Boeing 777-200LR. Emirates takes great pride in offering its customers the finest amenities, which is reflected in the $125,000 cost of outfitting each elaborate cabin.

Passengers who happen to be flying out of Toronto aboard an Airbus 380, are treated to even more luxuries with an array of amenities that rival those found only in the finest five-star hotels. The Airbus 380 is the only aircraft that offers passengers the added convenience of in-flight spa showers. The two spa showers, located in the First Class cabin, are equipped with a 15.4-inch LCD monitor, vanity unit, hair dryer, wash basin, heated flooring, leather seating, and bath products by Bvlgari and Timeless Spa. And what five-star hotel (or aircraft) would be complete without its own bar/lounge area? With its fully-stocked bar, the first class social area provides first-class passengers an opportunity to mix, mingle, and network with other passengers onboard.

If your expectations are high and you demand the very best in luxury travel, then there is no other airline to better serve your needs than Emirates.

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