Artist Lisabel Filiatrault Blends Science & Art To Create Bold Works

Lisabel Filiatrault Art

Photo Courtesy of Lisabel Gallery
Artist Lisabel Filiatrault was born in Quebec, but has made a big impression in the international art community with her innovative techniques and resources. In her artist statement, it says, "Lisabel invented a unique technique which, to this day, has not been used by any other painters. The challenge of working with polymers, the immense amount of knowledge required, the complexity of the setup, and the high cost of materials explain it all."

Lisabel?s contemporary approach to her daring artwork features the use of polymer and composite materials that are also used by Bombardier Aerospace, stretching the limits of the contemporary art field.
Lisabel has been awarded with an Honorary Diploma by La Halle-Aux-Draps de Beligique in Belgium for her contributions to the art world and for her fearless dedication to her craft. Quebec-born artist has an atypical background for someone so successful in her line of work— she worked in marketing for an international engineering firm, likely influencing her use of surprising forms of technology in her creative process. Some of the materials she uses in her work are used by Bombardier Aerospace to make airplanes and are also utilized by dentists to make fillings.
Lisabel’s canvases can be found in galleries worldwide, and the artist has had more than 40 exhibitions in several different countries and on two continents. Most recently The National Museum of Contemporary Art near Monaco has exhibited her work. Her gallery, which she opened with entrepreneur Glenn Miller, features Lisabel’s work in a modern space built for both exploring the artwork and engaging in an organic, lounge environment.

For more information visit Lisabel.Ca. To see Lisabel's work exhibited at Michael J Wolf Fine Arts in San Diego, visit

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