Aug. 11th, 2014

O Captain! My Captain! Robin Williams Will Be Missed

robin williams
Photo Credit: s_bukley | Shutterstock

Robin Williams has meant so much to so many people and we're absolutely gutted by the loss. The news of his death has rolled across the world rapidly, popping up on every news outlet and text message, and it's one that no one was prepared for. The 63-year-old lifted us up and made us all lighter the more we laughed, and the thought that he was weighed down with his own sadness breaks our hearts. From granting our wishes and encouraging the poet within us to taking us through the afterlife and being the best fake British nanny ever, Williams did everything with the same childlike glee that he brought to Hook. He was insane in the best of ways and he'll be missed.  

After you've had a good cry while reading Walt Whitman's O Captain! My Captain!, because I know I will, let's celebrate the frenetic fast-paced barrage of comedy he unleashed upon us all. Case in point, his first appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson:

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