Dinner in the Sky Heightens Luxury in Gourmet Dining

Looking to heighten the level of excitement at your next big dinner? Need to arrange a meeting where nobody could make a hasty exit? While the second question is extreme, the former is on the level with the proposition of spicing up the meal with some altitude.

If you have a craving for an uplifting culinary experience where the decorum and the dining are equally delicious and intriguing, look up Dinner in the Sky Events. With safety harnesses secured at the table, there is no worry that extra guests will unexpectedly dropping in or off.

Dinner in the Sky goes horizontal as well as vertical, as it provides these uplifting happenings worldwide. With a big crane and a skilled crew, a seven-ton platform is lifted up 112 feet, which is about 18 stories high. A table seats up to 22 guests. Attendees are harnessed into their chairs before liftoff.

With crane and crew, in addition to dining, other variants of the service include golfing in the sky, weddings in the sky, and entertainment in the sky. The golfing is a driving range only. However, with several cranes and platforms, perhaps a more elaborate golf course could be built on request?

While some may be fearful toward attending a fete in the sky, it is good to know that the company's crane is capable of lifting and holding 200 tons. For those of you concerned with getting high before eating, the platform plus all it holds amounts to less than four percent of the crane's maximum capacity. So, there is no need to skip dessert. Daily pricing starts at $20,000 to $25,000 depending upon location and other various factors.

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