The Future of Coffee: Nespresso Delivers Frothy Deliciousness in Under a Minute

Most people are pretty picky about their coffee. Whether you take it with cream, half ‘n’ half, sugar, Splenda, decaf, soy, a squirt of caramel syrup or a dash of cinnamon, there is an 83% chance that you drink the stuff if you live in the United States. No matter your preference, there is one thing we can all agree on: there is no one-pot-fits all. The scenario leaves regular consumers with essentially three choices: put up with cheap coffee that is not quite right; spend a ton on prepared or to-go varieties; or step into the 21st century and purchase a one-cup coffee maker.

As one of the one-cuppers myself, I am here to tell you that the 13% of us tapped into the future of coffee are enjoying every last drop. Personally, I own the Nespresso U (pictured below): a slick machine with smart design that fits well into a corner — or even a nightstand should you be so inclined. Yeah, that’s a thing actually, along with bathroom counters, closets and dressing areas. Why go all the way to the kitchen when you can have your coffee on the go while getting ready?

Courtney Driver

Courtney Driver combines her passion for luxury with her love for writing as the Executive Editor for JustLuxe. An authority on the luxury lifestyle, Driver's travel experience has come to encompass visits to some of the most lavish properties in the world, exclusive transportation methods such as helicopter and private jet, as well as exotic locales like Africa, Asia and the South Pacific. Having...(Read More)