Black Caviar Company Becomes First to Offer Previously Illegal Russian Osetra to the U.S.

An age-old mark of luxury, caviar has long been a delicacy associated with wealth and royalty. But not all "caviar" is created equal and if you think you have tried the best, you might want to think again.

While today there are many different kinds of roe being marketed as caviar, according to the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Life Fauna and Flora (CITES) only one species of fish makes the cut to be officially classified as a host to the coveted condiment, the best and priciest of which comes from Russia. "Real" caviar is harvested from the sturgeon or paddlefish, and based on the quality are classified in four types, with beluga topping the list as the most prized, then osetra, sterlet and sevruga. 

Courtney Driver

Courtney Driver combines her passion for luxury with her love for writing as the Executive Editor for JustLuxe. An authority on the luxury lifestyle, Driver's travel experience has come to encompass visits to some of the most lavish properties in the world, exclusive transportation methods such as helicopter and private jet, as well as exotic locales like Africa, Asia and the South Pacific. Having...(Read More)

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