Celebrating 10 Talented Women in Wine: Melissa Burr From Stoller Family Estate

There may be a large gender divide in many workplaces, but in the realm of wine, women have been steadily rising to the top. Not only do female consumers outweigh that of men, the number of female winemakers and sommeliers continue to rise every year. There are probably countless reasons as to why women are reigning supreme on the vineyard, but we’ll leave reasoning to the 10 talented ladies we recently spoke with. From California to Italy, from winemakers to sommeliers, these women’s stories are funny, touching, kismet, and inspirational. Plus, their favorite wines make a pretty amazing shopping list.

What started as a small feature is now a full-sized series, so make sure to stay tuned to learn about each and every one of these 10 women in wine. First up is Melissa Burr, winemaker with Stoller Family Estate.

Raised in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, Burr completed a Bachelor of Science degree and then went on to study winemaking and fermentation science at Oregon State University. She joined Stoller Family Estate in 2003 (just two years after the winery launched) as headwinemaker and since, has had a hand in production increasing from only a few hundred cases to almost 17,000 as of last year. The winery was named the 2014 Pacific Northwest Windery of the Year by Wine Press Northwest

Mila Pantovich

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