Here is How to Taste Your Way Through Quebec's Delicious Culinary Culture

The uniqueness of Canada’s Québec Province—with its old world charm and new world creativity—is only topped by its renowned cuisine. While many people may have visited quaint Québec City, the culinary culture truly begins in the bucolic “Eastern Townships,” where all the local ingredients are cultivated. So, as any gourmand worth his/her salt would say, “Let’s go to the source.”  A three-night tour of the villages and towns—each with their own specialties—will introduce you to the pleasures of the palette.

Start with a cider making tour, tasting and lunch at Les Vergers de la Colline, where since 1927 the Lasnier Family has been passing down their secrets for exceptional brews made from the emblematic fruit of Québec: the apple. We found this elixir to be a great pairing for almost any course on their menu, especially their Cheese Lasagna.

Diane Sukiennik & Michael Reiss

Diane Sukiennik is an internationally recognized writer, coach, keynote speaker, consultant, educator and licensed therapist. She is the author of The Career Fitness Program: Exercising Your Options, 11th edition, Prentice Hall, the most widely used text in colleges and universities in the subject area. A self-proclaimed 'leisurologist,' she speaks French and Spanish, is an avid world traveler and...(Read More)

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