Holiday Baking Championship Contestant Maeve Rochford Gives Us the Scoop On What TV Competitions Are Really Like

The Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship is our newest obsession and now that its second episode has aired, we’ve definitely found our favorite contestant. In its second season, the holiday-themed show brings 10 bakers (both professional and casual) together to compete for the $50,000 grand prize. While all the competitors are definitely talented, Maeve Rochford is the one who has caught our eye. As the owner and operator of Sugar and Scribe Bakery and Fine Food in San Diego, 36-year-old Rochford is quick to say that she was born baking. Originally from Ohio, she was born to an Irish mother and third-generation German father, spending much of her childhood in Ireland. Since she grew up steeped in traditional Irish baking, Rochford learned how to make everything the old fashioned way—from scratch. At her bakery, she doesn't just serve sweets, she also plays with incorporating Guinness in her dishes, perfects classic Irish recipes (like mincemeat pies) and has a long list of savory plates. 

Rochford took the time to chat with us about what being on a reality TV show is really like, shared her view on baking VS cooking and explained how her background shines forth in her dishes at Sugar and Scribe. We certainly don’t know how she will fair in the rest of Holiday Baking Championship, but we’re definitely rooting for her.

Mila Pantovich

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