Toast the Last Days of Summer with These Bubbly Cocktail Recipes

With less than one month left to bask in the glow of summer, it’s time to take advantage of every sunny moment before the brisk fall air rolls in. While you’re enjoying the final moments of sizzling outside, Mionetto mixologist Justin Noel, veteran bartender and owner of Closing Time Cocktails, has created a few sunshine-worthy drinks to freshen up the last month of the season. Turn your home into a craft-cocktail haven, and try your hand at these easy-to-make libations.

Paige Rosenthal

Paige Rosenthal is a freelance writer and proud born-and-bred Miamian with a thirst for food, travel and culture. Her writing is diverse, covering travel, food, lifestyle, beauty, health and wellness and relationships. You can find her work at ...(Read More)

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