Cask and Kettle: Make it Your Own!

Everybody loves to drink a hot beverage, but why not add a little perkiness to your drink by making it a hot cocktail. Spirit-flavored coffee drinks became popular as more and more people enjoyed drinking Irish Coffee.

Irish Coffee had its origin credited to Joe Sheridan, a young chef working at a new restaurant inside a European Airport. The story was that Joe created the drink to warm passengers waiting for their flights. Dubbed “Irish Coffee,” the drink caught the attention of American travel writer Stanton Delaplane, who relayed her experience to a San Francisco restaurateur - owner of the Buena Vista. When Buena Vista failed to replicate the drink, they offered Joe a job.

Cask and Kettle's Irish Coffee 

Fortunately, you do not need to hire a chef to create the perfect Irish Coffee. Cask and Kettle have perfected their Irish Coffee recipe and have made it available for you. Just pop in a pod in your favorite Keurig-style brewer and enjoy a perfect cup of Irish Coffee in seconds.

Make It Your Own

With Cask and Kettle, you can create a perfect cup of 76 proof Irish Coffee every time. However, each person has individual tastes. You can easily adjust the taste of your hot cocktail by adding more hot water if you find your drink too spirited. Likewise, you can lessen the amount of water to increase the alcohol content. You can also make a cool Irish Coffee parfait by blending your Cask and Kettle Irish Coffee with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup before garnishing it with whipped cream and your favorite nuts. The variety of flavors that you can come up with will depend on your imagination.

Try the Other Flavors

If whiskey is not your thing, then you can try Cask and Kettle's other hot cocktail flavors. You can choose from the vodka-based Spiked Dry Cider, Hot Blonde Coffee, and Mint Patty Coffee. If you are fond of drinking tequila, then the Mexican Coffee flavor is right for you.

REVIEW – We were able to serve these to our friends at a recent gathering and all were impressed. The favorites were the Spiked Dry Cider and Hot Blonde Coffee.  Highly recommended. Cask and Kettle

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