Celebrate Summer with Altaneve Prosecco

There is nothing quite like enjoying a perfectly chilled beverage to cool down the hot summer temperatures. To do just that, we recommend trying a refreshing bottle of Altaneve Prosecco.

The crisp, vegan prosecco is a low-calorie alternative ringing in at just 500 calories a bottle. Whether you prefer to enjoy this low-sugar/low-sulfite drink on its own or combined to make a specialty mimosa, Altaneve Prosecco is a delightful way to imbibe this summer.

The bubbly, sustainably produced wine combines flavors of white peach, pear, and honeysuckle to give it a crisp taste. Its versatile flavor can be paired with everything from fruit to fish or poultry. Hailed the best prosecco in the world by The Wall Street Journal/Marketwatch, this natural, luxury prosecco is hand-harvested at the peak of ripeness instead of machine-harvested.

Each fall, Altaneve also releases Altaneve Z, a specialty cuvee that is only available in limited quantities (just 1,500 bottles are produced each year). The Italian bubbly wine, which in Italian means, high snow, or deep snow, is named after the snow-capped Dolomite Mountains that frame the vineyards where the prosecco grapes are grown. Winemaker David Noto hand selects the grapes for their ripeness and freshness from the vineyards at the base of the Dolomites to create the limited production prosecco.

“When I launched the company nine years ago, there was no other company that was targeting the luxury segment of Prosecco, especially in the US, so the positioning turned out to be a perfect fit,” Noto said. “It was apparent from the start that if I were to make the highest quality Prosecco, crafted in the most exclusive Prosecco-producing region, I could not cut corners; the only way to make the company feasible was to target the luxury market.”

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Kellie Speed

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