Dry Farm Wines Gives Us Reason To Celebrate This Holiday Season

Dry Farm Wines

The holidays are all about celebrating, and we think the perfect way to do just that is by raising a toast of exceptional wine.

Thankfully, Dry Farm Wines has created custom gifting selections that allow you to send a perfectly curated collection in quantities of three, six or 12 bottles direct to your recipient’s doorstep. You can even choose from a one-time order or a temporary monthly, bi-monthly, or tri-monthly membership for the ultimate gift. Just select the type of wines you prefer (cabernet or rose perhaps?) and select the delivery method from monthly to quarterly.

Dry Farm Wines

DryFarm Wines has set out to change how you think about clean wines, sourcing exclusively from small, family-owned and organic vineyards. Every bottle has been independently lab tested to ensure adherence to strict criteria including organic/biodynamic farming practices. There is no sugar added and the wines feature lower alcohol levels to reduce the next-day effects that often come with higher alcohol consumption. (Dry Farm Wines has an average 12.1% alcohol content for each bottle and offers some as low as 7%).

Their strict criteria of wine-making includes using grapes that are organically/biodynamically grown and are lab-tested for purity. The wines are sugar-free and also free of toxic additives. What makes Dry Farm Wines so unique, as the name suggests, is that the grapes are actually dry-farmed using no irrigation grown on small, family farms. They also contain a low amount of sulfites and are fermented with wild, native yeast.

Dry Farm Wines

Even better, the wines are friendly to Keto, Paleo and low-carb diets so you can stay on track without the guilt this holiday season. If you don’t enjoy a bottle, they offer a 100% “happiness promise,” which allows you to request a refund or have a replacement bottle sent to you.

We recommend checking out their unique subscription-based service. Here, you can select your preferred wine type (red, white, rosé, sparkling, mixed) box size (6 or 12) and shipment frequency (monthly, bi-monthly, every 3 months). From there, Dry Farm Wines’ team of experts will curate each box from hundreds of rare wine labels, grapes and vineyards across Europe, South Africa and South America and then ship directly to your doorstep.

The team recently launched the Dry Farm Wines iPhone App, a wine library providing all of the certification details behind the curated selections. It also includes a system for tracking favorites and content including grower features, tips, recipes, etc.

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