Stephanie Franklin & Her Fly Wines Take Wing

Fly Wines launched in May of 2023 and the company is already securing its spot within an admittedly crowded wine world. With its pioneering subscription service, Fly Wines differentiates itself from other wine clubs by offering a unique tasting box (four 187 ml bottles) that allows customers to refine their wine tastes before committing to full bottles. 

With her access to varied global vineyards and labels, Fly Wines founder and CEO Stephanie Franklin and her team are able to offer unique varietals while curating wine shipments tailored to particular tastes. “Our target demographic is all wine enthusiasts who relish exploring diverse wines from around the world,” says Franklin. “Our in-house chief sommelier is available to create custom wine boxes for those looking to broaden their wine knowledge or try new wines. And for those learning about wine, the best option is to begin your wine journey with the tasting wine box.”

Fly Wines Founder and CEO Stephanie Franklin

Fly Wines offers a spectrum, from the familiar—like Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Sauvignon—to not-so-familiar varietals—such as Tai Rosso (formerly Tocai Rosso, originating in Italy’s Veneto-Friuli region), Sangiovese, and Fersun (native to Turkey). The focus is on underrepresented wine countries and independent wineries. “Unearthed treasures that are elusive to many,” says Franklin. “We deliver unique flavors from lesser-known popular wine regions. Our winemakers are artisans from Italy, Turkey, and Georgia, and we plan to soon expand into Moroccan and Portuguese wines. Each bottle is crafted and bottled in its country of origin.”

The tasting box changes frequently. Current offerings include four wines from California’s Fortino Winery: a refreshing 2022 Pinot Grigio, a delicate Vin Rosé, a vibrant 2020 Sangiovese, and a rich, velvety 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon. Club membership includes two curated wines per member preference, shipped monthly.

Franklin started Fly Wines during COVID, after losing her mother and good friend back-to-back. At the time, she was working at an AdTech company, and she found it extremely difficult to motivate after her dual loss. Longing for an escape from corporate rigidity, she developed the Fly Wine concept during a candid stoop conversation with a friend over a shared tasting box of disappointing wine. With the new realization that time is of the essence, she gave her two weeks notice, and leapt head-on into the wine world, traveling the globe in search of high-quality, small batch wines from under-the-radar wineries. Her journey first took her to London, and then throughout Europe where her passion was ignited. “Exploring vineyards throughout Europe opened my eyes, and there was no turning back,” says Franklin. 

“Fly Wines became my journey to transform grief into a fulfilling venture,” says Franklin. “My goal is to revolutionize the wine experience, ensuring accessibility and variety for every consumer.” 

Photos courtesy of Fly Wines

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