Superstar Jennifer Lopez Sips Delola Cocktails

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This summer colorful bottles of Jennifer Lopez's DELOLA craft ready-to-drink cocktails are lining tables at pool parties, garden brunches, baby showers and evening soirees. The eye-catching label and beautiful glass bottles are easy to pour into a glass of ice, making entertaining easier. 

Created through the visionary leadership of Lopez, also known as 'J.Lo,' this American actress, singer, dancer and businesswoman is excited about her premium spirit-based, full-flavored, mixologist-crafted cocktails.

Her business partner Benny Medina and global drinks veterans Ken Austin and Jenna Fagnan agreed with the brand's name. Delola is a nod to Ms. Lopez's long-time nickname “Lola”. They felt adding a 'De' in front of Lola for Delola or “from Lola” sounded right. 

Together with Delola’s master mixologist, Lynnette Marrero, named 'World's Best Bartender' they crafted a Delola Light Margarita, alongside their three original expressions - Vodka-based Bella Berry Cocktail, Tequila-based Paloma Rosa Cocktail, and Amaro-based L’Orange Spritz.

Photo courtesy of Delola Cocktails


Since its launch in April 2023, Delola has been awarded a Gold Medal at San Francisco’s World Spirits and Ready-to-Drink Competitions, as well as a Platinum Medal at LA Spirits Awards.

The judges appreciate how this full-flavored margarita cocktail is made with premium tequila, triple citrus, and is lower in calories per serving. 'The Light Margarita has 125 calories versus 220 calories for a classic margarita,” said Lynnette, who has decades of award-winning mixology experience. She enjoys working with Lopez to create world-class crafted cocktails for easy and elegant entertaining.

Delola Light Margarita is sold in a uniquely embossed glass bottle and is available in 750ml (SRP $19.99) and 375ml (SRP $10.99) sizes. 

Photo Courtesy of Delola Cocktails

As Delola's Chairwoman, Lopez said, 'By introducing Delola to the world, we wanted to provide world-class cocktails without all of the calories and effort. The Delola Light Margarita is fresh and delicious with premium tequila and triple citrus notes. I think it’s the perfect ready-to-enjoy version of the most popular cocktail! Whether you’re bringing a bottle to a BBQ during the warmer months or entertaining and gifting for get-togethers, the convenience and elegance of Delola Cocktails frees you up so you have more time to spend with friends and family.”

Photo Courtesy of Delola Cocktails


The Delola Paloma Rosa is a pretty pink cocktail in a bottle, made with premium tequila, bright grapefruit, and floral elderflower. It's an elevated Paloma with notes of ripe and refreshing grapefruit to give it a zing, plus floral botanicals and a pinch of salt. 


With only 111 calories per serving, this pretty full-bodied cocktail is made with premium vodka, ripe berries, notes of hibiscus and hints of tongue-tingling citrus.

Photo Courtesy of Delola Cocktails


Move over Aperol Spritz, this ode to the Italian spritz offers the same bright and refreshing balance of citrus sparkle. Made with premium amaro, juicy orange and a touch of passionfruit, this spritz is only 107 calories per serving.

Lynnette has decades of mixology experience and continues to work with Lopez to create world-class crafted cocktails. “The launch of Delola Light Margarita follows all the positive feedback we’ve received for our three initial cocktails. People today are more aware of the quality and ingredients in their drinks, and the fact that we’ve crafted mixology-level cocktails using natural ingredients is clearly resonating with consumers. We’re also committed to ensuring Delola Cocktails provide a ‘better-for-you’ option with lower ABV, lower sugar, and less calories in each serving than traditional cocktails.'

All Delola Cocktails are available in grocery and fine wine and spirit retailers. They can also be found in various restaurants and hotels.

Each product can be purchased in 375ml (SRP $10.99) and 750ml bottles (SRP $19.99). They range from 10.5% (21 proof) to 12.5% alcohol (25 proof). All of these cocktails are less than 125 calories per 5oz serving.

Visit Delola or go to its Instagram @Delola.

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