Dec. 4th, 2012

Sony Introduces The Future Of HD | The Ultra High-Definition TV

Sony Ultra High-Definition TV
Photo Courtesy of Sony
Have you ever wanted to get up close and personal with your favorite hunky actor or stunning starlet? While we cant promise you an actual face-to-face experience, the people at Sony Pictures Technologies have just developed the next best thing their first ultra-high-definition television. According to the Daily Mail, this whopping 84-inch set retails for $25,000 and features nearly four times the resolution of typical high-definition TVs, allowing you to easily view every freckle, gray hair and laugh line of your favorite celebrity.

While this may be considered the next step for TV technology, there is still a lack of content that properly takes advantage of such high resolution (although these Ultra HD sets are equipped to upscale lower resolutions). To combat this, Sony developed the hard-disc server, a video player that includes short films, concerts and 10 feature-length movies all set for Ultra HD content. This evolution in TV technology boasts nearly 4,000 pixels a significant upgrade from the standard 1,080 pixels found in 1080p HDTV high-definition sets and will also come with an Xperia Tablet S, which can be used as a touchscreen remote control.
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