Sensoria Fitness Smart Socks Reinvents the Fitness Tracker

You may have a slew of fancy running gadgets, like pedometers and apps, but they can't really help you in bettering the quality of your run. Startup company Heapsylon is trying to fill that gap with their new Sensoria Fitness Socks, which is a new kind of wearable technology designed to let you know when you're running incorrectly. While the socks are able to track information like steps, calories, speed, distance, how far and how fast you run, they also let you know where you land on your feet, how you stride, how to reach your fitness goals and how to prevent injury.

The tech socks are "powered by proprietary textile sensors and a Bluetooth-enabled, detachable anklet, which enables it to deliver superior accuracy compared to other fitness trackers on the market today." Washable, the smart fabric sends data to the anklet (which comes in various colors), which then uploads the information either to your computer or smartphone when you're out running — meaning you can have instant feedback through the app to better your run.
Photos Courtesy of Heapsylon

Because of the sensors within the fabric, Heapsylon promises that these socks give more accurate readings on step, altitude, and calorie counting than any other product. You're able to set up what type of stride frequency you want to achieve through the cadence metronome feature, which via the app, will give you audio cues when you need them. If your foot is landing on the ground in a potentially harmful way during your jog, the app will let you know and suggest ways to redistribute pressure to limit injury and break bad habits (like heel striking or excessive forefoot running).
Having just launched an $87,000 crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, Heapsylon is gearing up to get these socks to the public. Contribution prices range from as little as $3 (which gives you nothing but a thank you e-mail) to as much as $8,000 (which is great for business owners, getting you 50 Sensoria anklets, 50 pairs of socks, and full access to dashboard and mobile apps for your customers — as well as an in-store workshop delivered by the company team anywhere in the USA). The first 200 supporters can pledge $99 to get a single pair.

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