Pre-Order Brikk's 24-Karat Gold iPhone 6 Before Apple Announces the Real Deal

The Lux iPhone 6, brikk, apple,

Photos Courtesy of Brikk

Apple hasn't yet revealed the iPhone 6, but that hasn't stopped Brikk from taking pre-orders for their version of the anticipated smartphone—14 versions, to be exact. Yesterday the company announced that their luxury interpretations, called The Lux iPhone 6, will include a 24-karat yellow gold model, one that is 24-karat pink gold, and the 4.7-inch 128 GB phone will get pure platinum finishes. If that's not fancy yet enough for you, Brikk also gives you the option to embellish the Apple logo with gold or diamonds.

The Lux line is pieced together at Brikk's Los Angeles "state-of-the-art laboratory" by a group of engineers. After being hand polished, prepared, and plated with five layers of metals, the smartphones are then plated a final time in two layers of gold or platinum. The diamonds (color D and clarity VVS1) are set using a microscope in a machined bezel, and each phone is assembled and tested before sending to the buyer. 

The Lux iPhone 6, brikk,apple

According to Forbes, Brikk is making their line without Apple's approval, which makes sense considering Brikk warns that the phones pictured are subject to change based on the look of the real iPhone 6.

Prices range from $4,495 to $8,395, and a deposit of $500 is required to pre-order a Luxe iPhone 6. You can expect to get your new phone around 3-4 weeks after Apple officially releases the iPhone 6. It also comes with a one year warranty, which is probably a good idea considering Apple certainly won't help you out if it breaks. 

The Lux iPhone 6, brikk, apple,The Lux iPhone 6, brikk, apple,

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