Meritorious Blue Microphones

As someone who appreciates technology, good equipment brings me a level of satisfaction comparable to the delight of a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. The quality of sound equipment is often immediately noticeable to a trained ear (and sometimes even an untrained one), and similarly to coffee, is of chief importance to the enjoyment of the experience. Having the opportunity to work with a Bluebird SL and a Yeti Pro from Blue Microphones, I was pleased to find the performance of both to be surprisingly meritorious.

Brandon Driver

Coming from a background in the digital financial sector, Brandon Driver loves learning and writing about the latest in technology and science, especially as it relates to the high-end market and eco-friendly scene. He also covers events, people, places and the best news in the affluent world. With a talent for words, a double Bachelor's degree and a passion for New Media, Driver reports in from L...(Read More)

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