Your Doorbell Just Got Smarter

Nest Hello

Imagine being able to know who, or what, is at the door without ever leaving your couch. The new Nest Hello smart doorbell makes that dream a reality. The Nest video bell comes with all the right features. This little gadget included HD video, night vision, 24/7 streaming and a 160-degree field of view, just to name a few. The camera can give you a head to toe picture of the person standing at the front door, or show you an image of the package that has just been dropped off. There are many smart doorbells on the market, but this one stands out to competitors. The Nest Hello is constantly recording video, not just when triggered by movement. Users are able to go back and watch footage that was recorded hours ago. One of the most outstanding features is the Nest Hello’s ability to recognize friends and family. In the Nest app, users are able to identify familiar faces that come to the door, and it saves those faces in the database for later. The facial recognition software is extremely impressive and can send you push notifications when the camera picks up someone from the database. Nest offers a number of other smart devices for your home that can all interact with one another. Nest makes security a priority and the capabilities of this new technology are endless. 


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