Sennheiser's Latest Headphones Are Warm Beds For Your Ears

Sennheiser, headphones

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If you're a gamer, music appreciator, or anybody who uses a headset for more than five minutes a day, then you should immediately consider purchasing Sennheiser's latest GSP 302 Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset.

Sennheiser, Headphones

I would like to first praise the ear cushions. They quite entirely feel like little warm leather clouds for your ears. I actually have a rather large bone to pick with modern headphones companies on account of how uncomfortable most high-quality headphones are these days. Any audio-saturated event is bound to leave the ears and temples gasping for air by the end. The first time I wore these Sennheiser headphones for longer than 4 hours, I took them off and didn't feel even a remote sigh of relief from my temples. This is how headphones should be.

Sennheiser, Headphones

The GSP 302 Headset also is rather light, weighing in at 290g, or 0.63 lbs. Wearing these will result in an experience complete with quality Sennheiser sound, yet without a distracting weight on your head. The noise-cancelling microphone will make your teammates happy on whichever platform you're playing: PC, Mac, PS4, or mobile and tablet gaming.

Sennheiser, Headphones

The niftiest feature on these is the volume wheel cap on the right ear. If I am in the middle of an intense team fight, where even a glance away can cost us the game, I can just reach up and twist the volume a little louder to listen for those footsteps outside of the house that I'm barricaded in. While it is a small add-on to these headphones, I have become addicted to this extra aspect of the hardware and I probably can't live without it now.


Do your ears a favor. Check out the GSP 302 Headset.

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