3 Spectacular Smartphone Chargers You Need


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In a world with an ever-growing plethora of wireless chargers and smartphone car mounts, us tech enthusiasts need to hear and see products that have an edge over the rest. What good is buying something if you can't show it off? If you like to use edgy tech and are looking to upgrade your charging solutions, check out these products from MagnetMount.


The Cobra Pro Wireless Charging Mount is a smartphone mount specially designed to handle heavy smartphones and gloat some cool tech. It keeps your phone secure, charges quickly and wirelessly, AND has a cool pressure sensor to close its arms and lock your device in place, a feature that you can show off to your fellow tech-loving friends. I currently use a large iPhone XS Max, and I haven’t been able to find a mount that holds the heavy body steadily until now. It’s an easy vent or dash install and simple and effective design, but the feature that genuinely sets this apart is the motorized arms. Makes for a fantastic present or an upgrade to your current mount.


If you prefer the sleeker, minimalist look, the Wireless Charging Magnet Mount offers the same quick wireless charging mount in a magnetized solution. Blends well with interior vehicular fascia, and provides a secure spot for your phone to dwell whilst on your daily commute. This and the Cobra Pro above are both fast chargers, designed to be 40% faster than other wireless options. Comes with a magnetic ring, easily installed inside of your current smartphone case.


After purchasing one of the two above options (or both), check out one of these Smart Brained Charging Cables. Not only is it an ultra high quality cable and doesn’t seem like it’ll break until flying cars are a thing, it comes with an inhibitor chip build into the aluminum LED-lit Lightning Connector, which turns off the power output to your phone once fully charged. As most smartphone batteries already have notorious degradation expectations, there’s nothing like entirely preventing over-charging to preserve your battery’s health.

Taking care of your smartphone is important. As we launch closer into 2019, I anticipate seeing many new products to do so with more flair and pizzazz. Expect those to show up on this site and to have some inspiration from these designs from MagnetMount.

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