2019's Best Wi-Fi Router?

Gryphon, Wi-Fi, Router, Gryphon Connect

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The Internet is not a scary place… said no one ever. Even if you’re brave enough to venture limitlessly virtually, the possibility of hackers and cyber-invaders is often ample fright factor for most. Add piggybacking neighbors, innocent younger family members, and the importance of your internet reliability, and you have a scenario where security and quality are of high value for your home’s network. Gryphon has done a fantastic job of tying in a solution for each of the aforementioned dilemmas into one sleek unit.

 Gryphon, Wi-Fi Router, Router, Gryphon Connect

Gryphon is specifically designed to be a signal-boosting, ultra-secure Wi-Fi router with a plethora of management, parenting and security controls, and it comes in a futuristic matte white housing. The owner installs an app on their smartphone, which allows them to see a list of any and all connections, and then monitor each connection and add parenting controls and limits if so desired. This adds an innovative allowance feature where the owner will receive push notifications if anybody tries to join your home network, and will instantly allow users to join via a tap or two from your smartphone. This is especially nice for the members of your family that are less tech-savvy or can’t understand your 48-character-long password. With additional mesh Wi-Fi support, covering the entire home with high-speed connection is easy with a Gryphon.

Gryphon, Wi-Fi, Router, Wi-Fi Router, Gryphon Connect

I spoke to John Wu, CEO of Gryphon, in person at Consumer Electronics Show 2019. I received the story of how the company began, and was painted a picture of how difficult it can be to thoroughly control the security of the Internet in your own home. The most noticeable aspects of owning a Gryphon are the push notifications received when a new user joins or attempts to join your network, and the alerts that pop up on your phone when Gryphon stops viruses or malware, even those that try to slip through your computer's defenses. Having this much control over your home’s network from an easy-to-use app makes all the difference in our increasingly net-based society, plus the unit looks pretty cool to place in your living room or office area.


If you’re looking to boost your Wi-Fi and lock down your home network, check out the Gryphon.

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