Swap Your Cat Litter Box with This Beauty

Litter Robot, Cats, Litter Box

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Cat owners will tell you that the chore of maintaining a litter box is tedious, and they’ll be correct. With life in the 21st century, such a chore shouldn’t be so menial and tiresome, and that’s why Litter Robot was born.

Litter Box, Cats, Litter Robot

This beautiful machine will replace your cat’s litter box, clean itself each time your felines finish with their business, and collect the waste in a neat compartment below with a carbon air filter to block odors. It’s everything you could have ever wanted, and it even glows with a cool blue LED inside to indicate that it’s ready for the next time. The convenience doesn’t stop there; with purchase of a Litter Robot comes the option to have regular shipments of new cat litter delivered to your home, doing away with nearly all of the difficulty of keeping a cat. The only chore you’ll find yourself taking care of is emptying the waste compartment once the “empty” notification goes off, and putting a new bag in.

Litter Robot, Cats, Litter Box

If you have particularly picky cats, then you’ll know that they enjoy using the litter box almost immediately after it’s freshly cleaned. Imagine providing them the luxury of it being fresh clean every time they return? That’s the idea of Litter Robot. The unit comes with a step up to the kitty bathroom, which itself is somewhat large, and so they’ll have plenty of space to relieve themselves the right way. It also will end up saving you money in the long-run, as it is efficient at only removing dirty litter, making your litter reserves last much longer. Check out the Litter Robot, you may find your cats may meow more frivolously in thanks for their enhanced lavatory experience.

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