Stay Fully Connected With This First-Of-Its-Kind Expandable Capacity Power Station


We have all been in the unfortunate situation where you could use an unlimited power supply whether it be due to a power outage at home or having to jump start your car’s battery on the road. 

Thanks to the folks at VTOMAN Technology, an R&D focused provider of portable power solutions, they have recently introduced a new way to keep you connected and stay powered up no matter where you are. Meet Jump 1500, the world's first portable power station with extra battery and 12V jump starter.

This isn’t your typical portable power station. What makes this powerful and portable unit so unique is its ability to increase capacity up to 3096Wh by connecting a secondary battery through a CP3500 connection cable, which boosts capacity instantly. When connected to this secondary battery, the primary battery will charge first before switching over to charge the secondary battery keeping you fully connected.


The versatile Jump 1500 not only provides a fast charge for mobile devices, power tools, LED lights, e-bikes, and car coolers for tailgating, but also clean power for home appliances as well as a jump start for 12V vehicles. With its multiple replaceable sub-batteries, it can achieve a virtually unlimited power supply.

“Our team has a great deal of experience with lithium battery technology and portable power solutions and as an R&D focused company we continue to innovate,” said VTOMAN founder Benson Liao said in a statement. “Our latest release, the VTOMAN Jump 1500, represents the next generation in portable power. It is built using the most advanced battery technology - LiFePO4 batteries have a longer lifespan (2000+ cycles) and are built with non-toxic and eco-friendly materials. They are lighter, have a higher capacity and are the safest lithium battery currently available. Combined with the ability to connect a secondary battery and recharge with solar power, VTOMAN Jump 1500 is the ultimate portable power solution for recreation, travel and home emergencies.”

Not only did this impressive power station come in handy providing continuous power to our devices and appliances during a recent power failure, but the Jump 1500’s ability to also jump start our car (more times than a general emergency starter) makes this a must-have accessory.


The expandable capacity power station with jump starter function is the first of its kind to hit the market. We love the variety of output options available on this briefcase-size unit that include three AC (110V/60Hz), two DC (12V/10A), one cigarette lighter, two USB-C and four USP-A ports (one QC 3.0 & three 5V 2.4A). The VTOMAN Jump 1500 can also be recharged using environmentally friendly solar panels for clean energy usage.

You can check the battery’s power and consumption directly via the LCD display screen to monitor usage and availability. The VTOMAN Jump 1500 features LiFePO4 batteries that have a longer lifespan (more than 2,000 cycles) than standard and are built with non-toxic and eco-friendly materials.

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