Unique Wood Design Creates Minimalistic Bathtubs Using Yacht Craftsmanship

wood bathtubs and sinks

Photos Courtesy of Unique Wood Design

You'll be hard-pressed to find a building material more beautiful than wood. With all of the different varieties, colors and textures, a piece of wood furniture can instantly transform a living space into something comfortable and chic. No matter how technologically advanced mankind may become, some things will probably always remain "old school," and that includes wood working.

 wood bathtubs and sinks

A family company, Unique Wood Design has roots all the way back to 1979. Getting their start with boats and yachts, they quickly built their carpentry and technical skills so they could branch out into bathtubs and sinks. They love the warmth wood brings to a home, providing a "soothing touch and outstanding thermal insulation characteristics," and consider it to be the truly perfect material.

 wood bathtubs and sinks

With two collections, the Classic and Tlon, their designs are incredibly minimalistic and modern. Without any extra elements, the Classic tubs look more like nests or pods than they do traditional bathtubs, while the Tlon designs are very boxy and almost Japanese-inspired. And since they have a background in yacht-building, you can rest assured knowing these products are sealed against water - no matter how long you soak for.

 wood bathtubs and sinks

Favorites are hard to pick, but I love the completely circular Munai and the oval Baula bathtubs in the Classic collection. The Puari C Tlon tub comes in three different sizes and has a neat design that allows for reclining, while the boxy Gaia comes in a small or large. Most of their products come in a variety of woods, including walnut, padouk, maple and merbau.

 wood bathtubs and sinks

While in their workshops they use advanced design software, modern tools and high-tech solutions, the team at Unique Wood Design also defers to chisels and sand paper to maintain a human connection with each modern piece. "Arranging of wooden elements so that they make beautiful, harmonious composition is not something that we would like to let computers do."

 wood bathtubs and sinks

Currently, their workshops are only found in Poland, but distance is not a problem and they ship their products all over the globe. They will also do custom designs if you have a particularly tricky bathroom layout.

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 wood bathtubs and sinks wood bathtubs and sinks wood bathtubs and sinks wood bathtubs and sinks wood bathtubs and sinks

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