Hand-Blown Venetian-Inspired Goblets With 24k Gold Leaf Fit for Royalty

glass goblets

Photo Courtesy of Vetro Vero

You probably already have a fine dining set for throwing fancy dinner parties, but do you have a set of crystal goblets? This Vetro Vero lilac collection may seem ornate, but that's the whole point. With nine different styles (costing $330 per glass), each one with 24k gold leaf details, these Venetian-inspired goblets are hand-blown and signed by Vetro Vero co-founder and designer Michael Schunke. Since they're handmade, you can expect that no two will look the same and there will probably be some slight color variations. Though each goblet is sold separately, we think they look the most striking when all together — whether you plan on using them or just presenting them within a glass case.

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