Studio Cocoons' Triumph: A Masterpiece Unveiled in Milton 13 Office

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Studio Cocoons is the undisputed interior design firm in Mexico, capturing the essence of luxury and sophistication throughout the country, and beyond. Recently crowned with the coveted Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Office Interior Design in Mexico 2023 for their remarkable Milton 13 project, this design powerhouse has once again demonstrated why it's at the pinnacle of the industry.

Founded in 2012, Studio Cocoons has consistently been recognized as the vanguard of luxury design projects in Mexico. Boasting a portfolio that resonates with innovation and excellence, the studio has been nominated several times and has become a symbol of creativity and craftsmanship.

At the heart of Studio Cocoons' success lies its devotion to providing comprehensive solutions for its clients. From conception to completion, the studio takes pride in offering a holistic approach, encompassing architecture, construction, interior design, and furniture fabrication. What sets Studio Cocoons apart is its independence from contractors and furniture brands – the studio produces everything in-house, ensuring a seamless and cohesive design process.

The jewel in Studio Cocoons' crown, the Milton 13 Project, is a testament to their fastidious drive towards precision and quality. Located in the vibrant city of Mexico, this project showcases the studio's ability to weave a narrative through architecture, construction, interior design, and furniture fabrication. Studio Cocoons' reach extends beyond Mexico, with successful projects executed in the USA, Colombia, and Italy, further solidifying their global influence.

Collaborating with world-class homeware and furniture companies such as Covet House, Uttermost, and Eichholtz, Studio Cocoons ensures that every project reflects the epitome of luxury. These partnerships underscore the studio's commitment to quality and its ability to curate spaces that exude class and refinement.

In its 11 years of existence, Studio Cocoons has evolved into a powerhouse of creativity, consistently delivering sophisticated, welcoming, and practical spaces. Led by the dynamic duo of Iván Díaz and Tania Garza, along with a talented team of interior designers and architects, the studio prides itself on tailoring designs to suit each client's unique requirements.

What sets Studio Cocoons apart is its meticulous attention to detail, considering factors like location, context, taste, and functionality. The result is not just a space but a reflection of the client's personality, a living testament to the studio's ability to transform visions into reality.

Studio Cocoons engages in a diverse array of projects, spanning commercial premises to residential complexes. The studio's comprehensive approach includes the development of interior design, furniture design and fabrication, color palette curation, and finishes selection. Clients are presented with a detailed presentation that includes results and budget, ensuring transparency and satisfaction.

The studio's focus on quality extends to the manufacturing process, where each element undergoes constant supervision to guarantee the highest standards. From custom furniture to closets and kitchens, Studio Cocoons crafts pieces that integrate into the overall design, creating cohesive and harmonious spaces.

The team at Studio Cocoons elevates the experience by complementing spaces with unique decoration accessories. Rugs, paintings, targets, vases – each element is carefully chosen to enhance the ambiance and add a touch of individuality to every project.

The passion the team has for delivering a comprehensive, personalized, and unique service is what sets them apart. They go beyond design by analyzing and optimizing resources to ensure a wise investment. The result is a transformative journey that leaves an indelible mark on the client's experience.

Studio Cocoons has established itself as a landmark interior design studio, and the recognition bestowed upon them by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards for the Milton 13 Office project illustrates the tremendous reputation they have developed as a luxury interior design firm. With a legacy of 11 years and a portfolio that speaks volumes, Studio Cocoons continues to redefine luxury living, creating spaces that transcend time and embody the perfect fusion of sophistication, comfort, and practicality.

Personalize your interior space with expert guidance from the experienced team at Studio Cocoons, by visiting and booking your private consultation today.

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