Zaha Hadid Leaves a Lasting Legacy for the Future

Dame Zaha Hadid’s untimely death has set off a wave of sadness and shock throughout the architecture and design world. Widely regarded as one of the greatest architects, she checked into a Miami hospital after contracting bronchitis earlier this week and while being treated, the 65-year-old legend suffered a sudden heart attack. A true pioneer in her field and a trailblazer for women, Hadid’s work garnered numerous international honors and awards. In 2004, she even became the first woman to win the Pritzker Prize, architecture’s most prestigious award. Needless to say, her death will be deeply felt across all design fields. 

Todd Jatras

Todd Jatras has covered subjects ranging from business and technology to art and design to travel and leisure. He’s worked at Forbes and Wired and contributed to publications such as the New York Daily News and National Geographic Adventure. He lives in Prague, Czech Republic. ...(Read More)

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