Practical Luxury Defines The Homes at Summit Powder Mountain

Dec. 9th, 2020

Amongst the powder-cloaked Wasatch Mountains in Utah sits Summit Powder Mountain, an affluent community on top of North America’s largest ski resort, Powder Mountain.

The homes at Summit Powder Mountain evoke beauty, sophistication and class. But unlike other mountain communities, the residents all have a common vision in mind: sustainability and preservation of the natural world. Though the residents of Summit Powder Mountain aren’t interested in expressing wealth; they are interested in expressing a real understanding of place while utilizing what architecture can do. The homes are designed to blend in with the mountain and occupy the lightest footprint possible to focus on the preservation of the land.

A prime example are the Horizon Cabins. Designed by architect Brian Mackay-Lyons, the cabins are built in harmony with contemporary style that provides a sense of alikeness between four different home layouts, while maintaining uniqueness and thoughtfulness within each home. By implementing uncompromising building guidelines, ensures all homes fit within the standards and ethics of the community to protect as much of the natural land as possible.

The outwardly modest homes, ranging from 1,200 to 3,000 square feet, are cozy and charming; whimsical, yet intentional. Without being too flashy, the cabins are ecologically designed to be quaint and comfortable with attention to the outdoor landscape and vista views. The homes were built to complement the mountainside by directing the focal point to the outdoors, rather than obstructing the innate beauty with a grandiose structure.

“We are students of climate, landscape and material culture,” says Mackay-Lyons.

The mountain always comes first when it comes to constructing a new home at Summit Powder Mountain. This forward-thinking community does not spare the dreams of a buyer, but rather, makes the most out of the space that is given.

The Summit Powder Mountain’s founders came up with the architectural style known as heritage modernism, a combination of historical and cultural architecture with a modern, innovative flair. All of the Horizon Cabins are a unique upside-down model, emphasizing the upper level with glass enclosed walls and an entrance, while the downstairs is more cellular.  The goal is to intentionally disrupt the typical mountain resort architecture by creating a slender cabin that dances above the snow pack.

Sustainability does not fall short at Summit Powder Mountain. The purpose-driven community brings together a group of like-minded individuals who collectively value the environmental impact of not just their homes, but their daily lifestyles. From spearheading reforestation on the mountain to the preservation of water resources, the homes are ethically built to ensure that the ethereal landscape and all it protects will remain safe and pristine for centuries to come.

Those living at Summit Powder Mountain spend much of their time outdoors racing down 8,500 acres of untouched snow with complimentary cat-skiing and collaborating with neighbors on innovative ways to improve the world around them.

Summit Powder Mountain allows dwellers to appreciate the richness in slow-paced lifestyles. The residents of Horizon Cabins know that the true class does not need to be flashy to be luxe. Stepping outside their front door to an expansive mountain with acres of land to themselves reminds them that the greatest luxury of all is the enchanting Mother Nature.

While some have already sold, select Horizon Cabins are available for purchase.


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