Luxury Lifestyle Awards Present TOP 100 Architects & Designers 2022 

There is a special stratum of entrepreneurs in the luxury industry who work at the intersection of creativity and science to create new spaces. The professionalism and passion of these individuals and teams are aimed at designing residential and commercial premises, in which comfort and functionality go hand in hand with a dedication to excellence and refined style. The outstanding achievements of these creators are recognized by clients and experts, and their projects have influenced the industry and opened up new aesthetic and technological perspectives. The Luxury Lifestyle Awards team has compiled the TOP 100 Architects & Designers to celebrate the leaders and the best of the best in the sector in 2022. 

The expertise of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards extends to a variety of sectors, and interior design and architecture are the key areas of focus for the organization. With more than 15 years of experience working with the best of the luxury industry, LLA has developed a list of criteria that effectively evaluates innovative and imaginative design styles of superior quality. The organization has spent a year researching the market and selecting the best representatives in every sector around the world, and now it is proud to present a registry of the best 100 of the best. 

The list features information about interior designers and architects who work with different types of buildings and rooms. What they have in common, however, is their individual approach to each project, attention to their clients' needs, and ability to fill every inch of space with meaning and style. Whether it is an apartment building, hotel, hospital, showroom, or high-end mixed-use development, in every type of building and its interior, TOP 100 members embodied advanced creative ideas and technological solutions, providing a balance of aesthetics and practicality. 

The design and architecture industry has always attracted connoisseurs of creativity and beauty.  The best representatives of the industry today offer the world the results of their research and inspiration, which subsequently bring joy to many people, providing them with comfort and efficiency in every detail.  

Discover LLA's TOP 100 Architects & Designers and experience how your lifestyle can be elevated by the spaces where you live, work, and recreate, here:

  1. 3SK Stylianidis Architects, Greece
  2. 4A Architects, Saudi Arabia
  3. Aidea, Philippines
  4. AMA Architects, South Africa
  5. Amira Khidr Designs – Decorista, Egypt
  6. Antoria Design Studio, Panama
  7. ArchitectRoaa, Saudi Arabia
  8. ARCHMA Studio, Saudi Arabi
  9. Art Deco Design, Saudi Arabia
  10. Artistic Elements, Florida
  11. Arwa Designs, Saudi Arabia
  12. ASALI, Jordan
  13. AT Ztudio, Mexico
  14. Atelier Architecture & Design, UK
  15. Atelier Imad Syed Architectural Services, Dubai
  16. Atelier TEKUTO, Japan
  17. B+H Architects, Hainan
  18. B8 ARCHITECTURE, Dubai
  19. BARRIE HO Architecture Interiors Ltd, Hong Kong
  20. Baytee Group, Egypt
  21. Boston Studio Ltd., Cyprus
  22. Carlo Berlin, Germany
  23. Casas + Architects Inc, Philippines
  24. CASPAIOU Design & Interiors, Dubai
  25. CSS & Associates, Cyprus
  26. CURIOSITY, Japan
  27. DA Construction, Indonesia
  28. Deborah Garth Interior Design, South Africa
  29. DENNISTON, Malaysia
  30. Di Oro Interiors Ltd, UK
  31. Dipiugi, Dubai
  32. Double V Space Interior Studio, Thailand
  33. DSA Architects International, Dubai, UAE
  34. DSEN, Taiwan
  35. dSign Vertti Kivi & Co, Finland&a
    1. DXMID Interior Architecture & Design, Shanghai
    2. Enrique Barberis Architects, Argentina
    3. ern+ heinzl Architekten, Switzerland
    4. Estudio Sara Torrijos (lotoarchilab), Madrid
    5. FBEYE International, Singapore
    6. Fia Interiors, Abu Dhabi
    7. Gewers Pudewill, Germany
    8. GFH Properties, Bahrain
    9. GLAMOROUS co., ltd., Japan
    10. Gomez Platero Architecture & Urbanism, Uruguay
    11. Grand&Johnson, The Netherlands
    12. Gratitude Design Co.,Ltd., Thailand
    13. Guevara Ottonello Architects, Uruguay
    14. Hany Saad Innovations, Egypt
    15. Hind Magoul Interiors, Morocco
    16. HWCD, Shanghai
    17. IDEA International Design, Bulgaria
    18. Ilot property bali, Indonesia
    19. Interactive Development Company, Saudi Arabia
    20. IQONA ARCHITECTS, Cyprus
    21. John Jacob Interiors, South Africa
    22. Kart Group, Dubai
    23. Katie Malik Studio Ltd., UK
    24. L&P Architects, Hong Kong
    25. L’atelier Fantasia, Taiwan
    26. Liqui Design, Saudi Arabia
    27. Luiz Design, Romania
    28. M INTERIOR, Saudi Arabia
    29. MB designs, Egypt
    30. Mella Design Ltd, Barbados
    32. Mimz Interiors, Nigeria
    33. Minimal Studio, Mallorca

    1. RDLM Arquitectos Associados, Portugal
    2. Ruben Muedra Estudio De Arquitectura, Valencia
    3. S/L Architects WLL, Bahrain
    4. Saccal Design House, Kuwait
    5. SARCO Architects, Costa Rica
    6. SHL Asia, Indonesia
    7. Studio Carter, California
    8. Studio Twelve Interiors, Qatar
    9. The Art Interior Design, Marbella
    10. The Eav’s Group, Hong Kong, Asia
    11. Think Interior Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
    12. Top Villa Architect, Qatar
    13. Trio Architecture, Cayman Islands
    14. UBD/Caroline Usher, Indonesia
    15. VA Studio S.A de C.V, Mexico
    16. WA International, Dubai
    17. Wolfe Integrative Design Inc, North America
    18. Zozaya Architects, Mexico

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