House Of Circumfences Hosts Six Trailing Pavilions Overlooking The Sea

Images courtesy of Land Arquitectos

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Chilean-based Land Arquitectos constructed the House of Circumfences from a design idea consisting of 25 circles drawn around the underlying geometries of the native vegetation, thus its name. The resulting lines were then used to lay out the expansive concave concrete plinth that steps down to sandy terrain. 

Over this plinth are the six pavilions that comprise the house which boasts 1100 square meters of living space and sits on a rocky point facing the sea about 300 kilometers north of Santiago. These pavilions are structured in CNC-machined laminated wood and arranged in a trailing pattern along the narrow 9,027-square-meter lot and set according to the main views and orientations. 

A wooden screen also trails along these structures to protect the house from the predominant southern wind and, along with the plinth, connects the pavilions. House of Circumfences is a beach house designed to be multi-generational where family members, from parents, grandparents, children, and grandchildren, can all commune. The pavilions then host residences offering expansive scenery views through floor-to-ceiling windows. 

The living room, kitchen, and dining area are in the main pavilion. “The central pavilion and the main bedroom rise above the sea as if on a ship,” the studio said. This space features a large yellow-stained laminated wood beam that is 26 meters long, 80 cm high, and 18 cm thick.  The sliding glass doors open the space further and the roof extends past its perimeter to form a shaded porch.

Meanwhile, “the rest of the bedrooms hide among the vegetation towards the rear of the site opening at the same time views towards the sea.” House of Circumfences also perfectly nestled a pool and hot tub between the plot’s vegetation. 


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