Brantwood: Redefining Later Living in Pasadena

Michael Wilkerson

In the heart of Pasadena's Playhouse Village, a beacon of innovative real estate development has emerged courtesy of Mill Creek Properties, called Brantwood. The new residential complex is a visionary reimagining of later living, drawing inspiration from history's luminaries and aiming to create a vibrant community for active adults aged 65 and above.

Named after John Ruskin's retreat in Cumbria, England, Brantwood embodies the spirit of creativity and intellectual exchange that defined Ruskin's abode. Like its namesake, Brantwood seeks to foster an environment where residents can thrive intellectually, socially, and creatively. Drawing from the legacy of Ruskin, a Victorian-era polymath, Brantwood aspires to attract a diverse community of lifelong learners.

Brantwood offers residents access to the bustling urban center of Pasadena while providing a secure and private sanctuary within its walls. This duality extends to social dynamics as well, encouraging both community engagement and personal solitude. Brantwood embraces the individuality of its residents, offering a curated program that caters to diverse interests and pursuits.

Central to Brantwood's design philosophy are its meticulously crafted gathering spaces. From the welcoming lounge adorned with majestic French doors and warm wood paneling to the serene rooftop garden offering breathtaking vistas, each space is thoughtfully designed to facilitate meaningful interactions and connections. Whether hosting a lively discussion over afternoon tea or enjoying a quiet moment of reflection amidst the city's poetry, Brantwood provides the canvas for residents to shape their experiences.

The significance of Brantwood lies not only in its physical spaces but also in its commitment to fostering a dynamic and engaged community. Through curated activities and programming tailored to residents' interests, Brantwood cultivates an environment where individuals can thrive and contribute to a flourishing community of lifelong learners.

Brantwood represents a paradigm shift in later living—a departure from the traditional retirement community model towards a more holistic approach that prioritizes community, engagement, and personal fulfillment. The new development stands as a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful design and intentional community building. 

Residences at Brantwood are represented by Lisa Ashworth and Lindsey Darling of The Agency.

One Bedroom residences start at $5,000 per month.

Two Bedroom residences start at $8,000 per month.

Lisa Ashworth:(626) 644-3844

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