Surprise the Kids with These Festive Gift Ideas

There's nothing like the promise of gifts to get your kids on their best behavior. Whether or not they still believe in Santa Claus doesn't really matter because regardless of the giver, your kids are going to stay on your good side when these gifts are on the line.

Vtriker Elite Scooters

Available in a range of funky, bright colors, the Vtriker Elite is the must-have gift for children and teenagers this Christmas. You'd be mistaken if you thought this was just another scooter. As well as looking uber-cool, the upgrade to the V-shape design means users don't need to use their feet to move around. The scissor-like action builds speed as you whiz around corners, steering with the handlebars. This is top-notch fun, which will keep kids truly entertained well beyond Christmas. Pricing begins at £55.99.

Carol Driver

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