11 Ways to Set Up a Killer Luxury Picnic, From Flower Arrangements to Movie Projectors

There's a scene in the BBC miniseries Parade's End, where a group of upper class people (including Benedict Cumberbatch, of course) have a lavish picnic in the English countryside, surrounded by picturesque rolling hills. Unlike the picnics you may remember as a child, where your parents laid out a blanket and pulled simply prepared snacks from a wicker basket, this picnic involved a full dining room table with chairs and place settings. Though far more lavish than most would set up, with attendees waiting to be of service, the scene did make us want to immediately plan a luxury picnic for our friends and family.

There's something to be said for eating out in the open air, whether you lay a spread out under your favorite tree in the middle of a field or set it up on your back deck. You can go all out and use a table or keep it simple with some excellently placed flower arrangements if you want a more naturalistic vibe. Regardless of the look you're going for, we've found some excellent ways to bump your next picnic up from dull to memorable!

Mila Pantovich

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