Highly Anticipated Oro Blanco Cigar Promises to Be Davidoff's Most Expensive Yet

Davidoff Cigars , Oro Blanco

Photos Courtesy of Davidoff Cigars

Last year Davidoff Cigars teased everyone with a few sparse details regarding their newest release: it was to be incredibly limited, from tobacco harvested back in 2002, and it was to be their most expensive offering yet. Named Oro Blanco (white gold), the new cigar certainly doesn't disappoint. Davidoff spent last month releasing small snapshots of Oro Blanco, announcing that starting in early November the cigar would be available in only a select few stores in the United States and globally.

Davidoff Cigars , Oro Blanco

The company's master blender, Eladio Diaz, will only allow more to be released once the tobacco is deemed suitable and ready, meaning that Oro Blanco will remain limited because once this month's supplies are sold, there won't be any cigars jumping to replace them. The price hasn't been released just yet, but Davidoff assures that the tobacco is aged for 12 years and grown only in the "richest soils where three rivers meet in the Mao zone" in the Dominican Republic.

There's been no word on which stores will be selling Oro Blanco, but we can't wait to check them out for ourselves. 

Davidoff Cigars , Oro BlancoDavidoff Cigars , Oro Blanco

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