We Don't Recommend Trying to Steal the Miniature Chest Safe by Döttling

Döttling, safe

Photo Credits: Döttling

As intimidating and tiny as it is impenetrable, the Chest by Döttling is definitely where we want to store our priceless timepieces. Made in Sindelfingen, Germany, the team at Döttling challenged themselves to demonstrate incredible artisanship within a very small design, ending up with this new miniature luxury safe

Döttling, safe

Inspired by “Italian and French masterworks of the late eighteenth century,” the exterior of the nubuck calfskin safe looks very old-school, wrapped with patina braided steel bands and ornamental upholstery nails. Alternatively, the interior is very modern and boasts Döttling–grade precision watch winders, a discreet illumination system and a double-bit key safe lock. For a price, you can choose to add an optional integrated alarm system that sounds if the Chest is moved from its location. Since it is on the small side, it would make sense for a thief to risk the alarm and grab it anyway, which is why it contains GPS tracking. 

Döttling, safe

Two versions of the Chest will be produced: the single-door Chest with room for eight watches (starting at ‎€17,800/$20,000) and the two-door model with room for 15, which hasn't been launched yet, but will cost around €26,000/$29,000.

Döttling, safe

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