Would You Watch a Match in the World's Very First Underwater Tennis Court?

underwater tennis court

Photos Credit: 8+8 Concept Studio

When it comes to bigger and better, Dubai doesn’t mess around. Especially where tennis concerned. With the world’s highest tennis court found 1,000 feet above ground on the Burj al Arab Hotel’s roof, the Persian Gulf may soon be getting the first underwater court. 

Earlier in the year, Poland-based 8+8 Concept Studio released their concept plans for an underwater tennis center that they’re hoping will hold seven courts. Basically a reverse aquarium, where we’re in the enclosure, the images show huge curved glass ceilings that give spectators the entire ocean to gaze up at. According to Arabian Business, 8+8 founder Krystztof Kotala sees the $1.7-$2.5 billion project as combining the best of “technology, ecology and sport.” 

underwater tennis court

There are obviously a lot of technical issues that may interfere with the execution, like safety and playability, but Kotala is still planning on moving forward with the plan. Though there hasn’t been any real news, the architect is apparently now talking with potential US investors.   

We love the idea of watching a tennis match from under the sea, but there better be a quick escape route if they expect us to stay down there. 

Mila Pantovich

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