Meet Floatti, the World's First Super Suitcase

Ponti Design Studio , smart suitcase

Photos Credit: Ponti Design Studio

Ponti Design Studio calls their newest design the world’s first super suitcase. Named Floatti, the intuitive smart case was inspired by the movement and transformation inherent in the traveling lifestyle. The exterior shell is made from polycarbonate and features recessed aluminum inserts that work to make the design durable and light, while leather trimming gives it a vintage feel. 

Ponti Design Studio , smart suitcase

The wheels have suspension to make pushing and pulling on various surfaces less jarring, while the handle features side hooks to hang bags (there’s also a long strap to secure larger carry-ons to the case’s top). A detachable charger for various electronics is included and the handle itself connects wirelessly to your smartphone so you can change music, set off an SOS alarm and compose voice-to-text messages. There’s also a built-in scale that will tell you how much your bag weighs. 

Ponti Design Studio , smart suitcase

Floatti just launched on Kickstarter with black and cream versions, and a goal of $100,000 (as of publication they have already hit $84,600). With 36 days left, travelers can grab an early bird suitcase for $250, but the more you spend, the more you get (like the gadget charger and packing pouches). Once funded, the Floatti alone will retail for $550. 

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