Formula Grand Prix Abu Dhabi: The Fastest Cars in the World

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With the season just behind us, we saw Lewis Hamilton takes home another well-deserved champion title at the Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. If you’ve never been, Abu Dhabi is a city filled with luxury, featuring a maze of looming skyscrapers, upscale hotels, lavish dining and some truly unique architecture. And the Yas Marina is no exception. It features the legendary Yas Marina Circuit, considered one of the most challenging race tracks in the Formula One Championship. We watched as the fastest cars in the world race counterclockwise towards the finish line.

As a seasoned international traveler, philanthropist and entrepreneur Tanya Johnson attends the races each year. She’s known for seeking out thrilling experiences all over the globe, which is why the F1 Grand Prix is one of her favorite events of the year. From the gorgeous views, luxurious accommodations, and the pulse-pounding action on the track learn more about what makes this racing event so special.

Feel the Excitement of the Yas Marina Circuit

The Formula One Race runs from late March to late November every year and they save the Yas Marina Circuit for last. With average speeds of 190 kilometers per hour, this stunning racetrack attracts some of the most seasoned pros on the planet. The world’s top racers love a challenge and this track provides just that. Running counterclockwise, the track features nine harsh right turns and 12 left turns. Formula One cars are considered the fastest cars in the world, able to travel at speeds of 325 kilometers per hour. Watching these slick cars make their way to the finish line is nothing short of exhilarating. 

As a member of the crowd, you can always get a great view of the action. The track is lined with ample seating and some impressive display monitors with a live feed of the race. You can purchase a ticket online to catch all the action from the Main Grandstand, a massive viewing venue for fans, the Main Club, a lavish clubhouse with stunning overhead views of the race, or the West Lounge, putting you right over the most challenging parts of the track. 

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The Wonders of Abu Dhabi

If you’re like Tanya Johnson, you’ll fall in love with the city of Abu Dhabi from the moment you touch down at the airport. The main attraction of this oil-rich nation, Abu Dhabi provides plenty of wonders in the middle of the desert with its luxury accommodations, fun-filled waterparks, flavorful dining, and so much more. If you plan on catching some of the racing action this year, you’ll want to spend some extra time in the city, so you can explore all its amazing wonders. 

Like spending time outside? Head over to the Corniche, a massive pedestrian outdoor walkway along the canal with bike paths, public parks and beaches, and some truly impressive fountains. Every feature feels like a work of art when you’re walking around such a glamorous city. 

If you know how to appreciate architecture, stop by the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, one of the most famous in the world. This shimmering white palace is a spectacle you won’t want to miss. Featuring 82 posh white domes, the walls and floors are lined with stunning engravings, immaculate floral patterns and giant columns of marble.

You can also check out the Marina Mall, a massive shopping center with its own waterpark. You’ll find plenty of delicious food, elegant clothing and gifts, and so much more. Known as one of the most impressive malls in the world, this is a shopping experience you won’t soon forget.

Tanya Johnson loves traveling all over the globe, already having visited over 180 different countries. If you love learning about international adventures, stay tuned as Tanya Johnson gears up for another trip of a lifetime. 

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