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The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis have found their spot on pretty much every traveler’s Bucket List. The colorful lights dancing in the night skies have captured mesmerized audiences from the beginning of time. The Aurora can be elusive though, as spectators have to not only endure blistering cold temperatures, but they also have to go at the right time of the year and in the right location to experience it. The right time of the year is usually September to March and the location is a somewhat small strip 3° to 6° wide in latitude and between 10° and 20° from the geomagnetic poles. Plus the sky needs to be clear, which as forecasters will tell you, makes for an even colder night. In other words, everything has to be in perfect sync for the Aurora to dance its way across the sky.

Just about 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle, lies the city of Tromsø, an old Norwegian outpost in an area mainly populated by the Sámi, but also a frontier city towards Russia, surrounded by tall mountains and island, as well as a popular destination for catching a glimpse of those elusive Northern Lights.

Off The Map Travel

If watching the Northern Lights is on your Bucket List, but you’d rather not spend an entire night outside dealing with the cold while chasing down the lights, Off The Map Travel has the perfect package for a romantic getaway which allows you to experience the night sky from an outdoors Aurora bed set on an open-air balcony with unrestricted views of the night sky, stars and Northern Lights.

Dubbed as the “Aurora in Bed”, the program is priced starting at $3089 per person (not including flights) and is the perfect romantic getaway package to enjoy with your sweetheart. Guests stay at the newly renovated Villa Telegrafbukta with a choice of watching the Northern Lights and even sleeping outdoors. However, if sleeping outside in frigid temperatures is not your cup of tea, then you can sleep inside in front of the floor to ceiling windows that will give you all access to the beauty of the Northern Lights without the exposure to the cold.

Off The Map Travel

Located in an exclusive area of Tromsø, Norway, on the south side of Tromsø Island, the new “Aurora in Bed” experience includes a private chef, personal hostess, 24/7 chauffeur-driven Tesla, and a private rooftop balcony with a king-sized bed where guests can lie back and hunt for Northern Lights and even sleep under the Arctic night sky, all while feeling warm and cozy.

Off The Map Travel

The Aurora bed is truly a work of art as it is dressed with layers of sheep wool, pillows and goose down duvets to keep guests warm and cozy regardless of how low the temperature drops. The villa itself sleeps up to six people so if you’d rather make it a group outings, you can bring your friends and family too, or you can keep it all to yourself and your partner to enjoy the solitude and the beauty of this place immersed in nature, yet with all the luxuries of any other high end destination.

Off The Map Travel

In addition to Northern Lights hunting from the Villa’s private outdoor bed, guests can search for the Northern Lights and explore the region and neighboring islands of Kvaløya, Breivikeidet as well as the South Lyngen region with unlimited 24-hour use of the Villa’s chauffeur-driven Tesla.

Off The Map Travel

To take the pampering to the next level, the guests can book massages and beauty treatments or, for the more adventurous guests, the Villa can easily arrange for a private helicopter or a mini-yacht to explore the surrounding fjords as well as dog sledding and snowmobiling.


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