Sawyer Twain Launches New Line Of Nixon Billiards To North American Market

Oct. 31st, 2022

There is an age-old battle among those who choose to cohabitate- form over function. Where one wants the house to look fit and suitable for entertaining, the other may lean toward a more party-house sensibility. Enter Sawyer Twain, a luxury brand offering unique game room furniture, gaming tables such as table tennis billiards and shuffleboard, and home and recreation décor. Where once there was just a bland dining room table, can now be converted into a billiard or table tennis table once the meal is through.

The Arizona-based company- which ships globally, has recently released its latest line of Nixon Billiards tables to great acclaim. The high-end tables, with sleek and modern designs, will alter any previous notions of what a game room can and should be, with myriad options in appearance and function. 

Featured in the Nixon Billiards line are the Desyn, a mid-century modern table; the effortlessly stylish but prominent Kai table; and the Birdy, a contemporary chic billiards table with a carefully crafted refectory design that stands alone in being the first of its kind with modern tapered rails. Additionally, KempPresliHunterJasper, and Georgia tables are available for order now.

Sawyer Twain offers "white glove delivery" and professional installation options on select items and free shipping on all furniture across the continental USA. For more information or to make a purchase, call 800.503.0531 or find the best pool tables online.

Jarone Ashkenazi

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