VIDEO: San Diego Floods Are No Match For This Ballsy Lamborghini

Lamborghini owners are definitely a cool class of people and while many of them are speed demons on the roads, they also tend to be pretty careful when exposing their babies to the elements. San Diego is experiencing some incredible weather, with flash floods and tornado warnings blasting out across smartphones all over the city, but one driver wasn't about to let a flooded intersection interfere with his route. Courtesy of NBC, the below video shows a lambo bring driven through some pretty deep water—at one point, water even reaches the windshield. As weird as it is to see, the sports car will probably be fine since it has a rear-mounted engine and the water never rises high enough in the rear to be an issue—unless, of course, water gets into the front air intake. We just hope nothing seeped in under the doors to dampen the interior. 


WATCH: This driver of a Lamborghini wasn't deterred by the flooding, driving the expensive car right through the waters.Meanwhile, a flash flood warning remains in effect for parts of San Diego County >>>

Posted by NBC 7 San Diego on Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Mila Pantovich

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