Rough Crafts Turns A 2020 Harley-Davidson Street Bob Into The Cosmos Charger

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BMW’s two-wheelers may be the favorite platform of aftermarket tuners and customization groups around the world, but with so many marques out there, the possibilities are technically endless.

In the right hands, any motorcycle can be turned into jaw-dropping one-offs like this one dubbed the Cosmos Charger. This menacing moto starts off with 2020 Street Bob.

Typically, folks prefer to keep their Harley-Davidsons in their stock form. However, Cooler Master wants something awesome to mark a major milestone for the Taiwan-based computer hardware manufacturer. Hence, they turn to Winston Yeh of Rough Crafts to turn the donor bike into a bespoke beast.

The cruiser receives a series of modifications to give it an aggressive and futuristic stance.

“For their 30th anniversary, Cooler Master asked me to build a bike and matching computer case to celebrate,” shares the shop’s founder about the Cosmos Charger.

“I set out to combine signature elements of both worlds—the brand’s signature purple lighting, and the sharp edges and boxy shapes that are found on most Cooler Master cases.”

As with any venture of its scale, Rough Crafts faces a challenge to design something that projects the Cooler Master DNA.

Since PC gamers are all about LED lighting, the Cosmos Charger needs to integrate this characteristic tastefully. With the help of cutting-edge software, he 3D prints the parts in a premium polymer.

Next is the forged carbon fiber wraps courtesy of SFC Simon Fiber Craft. Purple LEDs illuminate CNC aluminum fins that are on the fairings, tank, and tail of the Cosmos Charger.

Those into gaming will recognize these as a nod to heat sinks. The rest is a collection of upgrades and custom parts to turn the Street Bob into this mean machine.


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