Inflatable Climbing Wall Turns Your Superyacht Into An Outdoor Gym

inflatable rock climbing wall

Photo Courtesy of Green Yachts

When you're adrift out on open water aboard a luxury yacht, relaxing is pretty much at the forefront of your mind. Once you're done lazing in the sun and getting a tan, you're probably going to start seeking some fun activities and we've found one that's so much cooler than the typical water sports you know of. Developed by Green Yachts and built in collaboration with Aquaglide, this inflatable Climbing Wall for yachts is such a neat idea that we wish we had thought of it. The wall was inspired by the uneven rock cliffs of the Cinque Terre Coast, with three different route types marked by color to choose from.

Though the routes have different difficulty levels (marked by green, yellow, and red holds) and were designed by professional climbers, you can customize your own course if you need something even more challenging. The standard size is 5m x 3m (around 16' x 9'), but you can get different measurements depending on what type of yacht you have — you can also change the overall color and add whatever text you want to the side. Made using plastic that is fire resistant and securing to your vessel using 14 rope attach-points, the wall is apparently super easy to set up and can be done with only two people.

Contact Green Yachts directly to order. 

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